Most recent work
Screenshot of the Omnifood website

Trycat Website (Wordle Game)

Website made to master AlpineJS, it's a clone of the popular Wordle Game

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Screenshot of a Halloween-themed website

Halloween Website

Responsive website that simulates a halloween store, just frontend using HTML CSS and JavaScript, used some JS libraries and added some CSS animations.

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Screenshot of the Natours website

Natours Website

Website about Nature tours, made on a course while I was mastering HTML & CSS skills. It's a landing page that has clean UI all entirely made with pure HTML & CSS.

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Another screenshot of the Omnifood website

Omnifood Website

Website about healthy food delivery made in my initial days of learning HTML & CSS while I was starting to learn basic technologies.

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Screenshot of my GitHub profile

Other projects

Take a look at my github profile to check more advanced projects (frontend/backend) to know more about my abilities & technologies I'm lerning!

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